Sunday, October 09, 2005

KT Tunstall

KTpack I have been listening to KT Tunstall in my car for several months - pretty much since the CD was released. KT is Kate with attitude. A singer-songwriter with good lyrics and listenability. Mysteriously, I get a lot of KT Tunstall hits on this blog, so I thought I'd write a little more. With Chinese blood, and growing up in Scotland's St Andrews, KT Tunstall always knew she had been adopted at birth. "I grew up knowing I could have had a million different lives. It makes your life mysterious and your imagination go wild." KT spent her childhood up hills and under canvas with her outward-bound parents. Musically, she started with piano, then flute, then by mid-teens on to guitar and writing her own songs. Hungry for experience and independence, she gained a scholarship to Kent School in Connecticutt, New England. Concert KT Tunstall KT returned to St Andrews then Royal Holloway College. Whilst in London her writing lead to the creation of over a hundred songs. Eye to the Telescope was recorded in a little studio in Wiltshire. KT didn't want to use too much equipment, preferring to be inventive to get interesting music. The lo-fi, visceral, boot-wielding approach was inspired by KT's recent conversion to the hiss and crackle of early blues. "On the whole, I'm a positive, skippity-la-la person but I love the dark side of music and I will always want to explore that. It's a positive-sounding album but there's stuff underneath for sure." kt2 I saw KT's performance in the Glastonbury TV studio, when all the electronics and backup things went wrong. Unabashed she flipped into a full acoustic and untreated version of Black Horse and the Cherry Tree. A great performance, bettered by its almost impromptu edge. b737
And here's a Promo video from the BBC
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