Thursday, June 30, 2005

Poetry and Words Glasto 2005

The Eye
Poetry and Words Tent, Glastonbury 2005.

After a chaotic and fantastic experience, amongst the mud and rain, I reflect on the events of my 'glastonbury experience'. Although drenched in rain and soaked in mud, this years Glastonbury was truly beautiful. The rain seems to have a truly magical effect on people ; it created an extraordinary environment. Caked in mud, people loose their inhibitions (if they had any!) and loose all superficiality, all are one, moving as one mass body. It was an incredible sight to behold, swarms of people sticking to the ground, drenched but surprisingly happy. One of my most treasured experiences, perhaps, was my visit to the poetry and words tent, which is in the midst of the Greenfield (one of my favorite places in Glastonbury). For me, one of the best parts of Glastonbury has to be these 'secret' catacoms hidden in the heart of Glastonbury, where people express themselves through poetry and where spontaneous performing runs rife. The Bayan Tree Cafe and the Manic Organic cafe harbour open mics and provide people with an area to create chaotic music. this for me, is stymbolic of Glastonbury; a place where people of diverse cultures and backgrounds freely create, creativity.

I was fortunate enough to witness the sonic and cosmic vibes of the wild women poets in the poetry and words tent in Glastonbury. A group whose poetry is incredibly inspiring, poignant and observant. The Wild Women's latest visionary project (started at Glastonbury) is their love poem. The love poem is a poem where anyone, and everyone, can write a line of poetry about love. This poem was started and read out at Glastonbury and was truly emotional; if you would like to add your own lines of love visit their web site and you can email them your line of love. The poems objective is to be encapsulate a message of love with the intention of sedning the poem to the he 'powers that be' and to get them to remember 'love'. As Vik Bennett, one of the members of the wild women noted 'inside every person there is a heart and inside every politician there is a heart' so lets get them to feel love again. You must visit

Another inspiration and poetic wizard, was an up and coming poet and graphic designer called Phaze. His words still ring rescently in my ears, his poetry was liquid gold that gushed and pour ed into, not only my ears, but everyone's ears who were fortunate enough to fall upon the Poetry and Words tent that day. He is not only a tremendous poet but a beautiful artist and graphic designer, the above image is one of his art illistrations which you may find on his web site . Phaze is a great poet and perhaps even more so a great orator. His charisma and beauty was tremendous with his one over riding poetic theme being; 'seize the day'. Which is a message I hold incredibly tightly too; clasp onto today for 'yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery and today is a gift; that's why its called the present'.

stay beautiful



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